Your Cheek Swab Could Be a Lifesaver


We're on a mission, and you could be the hero we need. Meet Ivy, a vibrant young girl fighting a rare battle with HLH, a life-threatening condition. Her courage is inspiring, but she needs more than just words of support – she needs a stem cell donor.
Every potential donor brings new hope to Ivy and many others awaiting a match. Your small act of kindness could be the turning point in someone’s life. Join us in this crucial mission to save Ivy and potentially many others. Let’s unite in this fight and make a lasting difference.
Be Ivy's Hero

In the heart of Singapore, a family is in a race against time to save their young daughter, Ivy.

Three years ago, Franka and Soeren Hoessermann moved to Singapore from Hong Kong with their one-year-old daughter. Soeren, a managing director at a shipping company, and Franka, an accomplished author and nutrition consultant, were expecting Ivy at the time. Now, their vibrant little girl, who loves to climb and race her scooter, is battling for her life against a rare and severe disease.

In November 2023, Ivy was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a condition that has devastated 95% of her bone marrow. This brave little girl has undergone 13 blood transfusions, but these are only a temporary solution. What she urgently needs is a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, her immediate family aren’t suitable donors, which is why we are reaching out to the public for help.

What Does It Mean to Be a Donor?

Becoming a bone marrow donor is a noble and life-saving decision. For patients like Ivy, finding a matching donor could be their only chance at survival. By registering as a donor, you become a beacon of hope for those in desperate need.

Register as a Donor:

It's simple and quick. Visit BMDP's Registration Page or go to the BMDP at Novena Specialist Centre. (Monday to Thursday 9 am to 6 pm). The registration process, which involves a cheek swab, takes just 5-10 minutes.

Learn More About Bone Marrow Donation:

Check out BMDP's virtual roadshow for more information. And don't worry, the donation process is painless!

Spread the Word:

Share Ivy's story on social media using the hashtag #SaveIvy. Talk about it with friends, family, and in your community. Your voice can amplify the call for help and inspire others to join the cause.

If you’re not in Singapore but wish to help, you can locate a stem cell donor center in your country through the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA). Visit -> WMDA’s Global Donor Page to get started.

It's simple and quick.​

Step Forward for a Cheek Swab​

The decision to become a blood stem cell donor is important and we encourage you to talk about it with the key people in your life. Sometimes, they may have concerns or questions because they do not understand blood stem cell donation. To help you share your decision to donate, you can refer to the resources below to help answer their questions and have positive conversations about the donation.

BMDP’s Bone Marrow Transplant Process.

If You Are a Match: 

How to become a donor

Should you be a match for Ivy or another patient in need of a stem cell transplant, you’ll be given a choice on how to donate:

  1. Peripheral Blood Stem Cells: A non-invasive procedure to collect stem cells from your blood.
  2. Bone Marrow Puncture: A more traditional method of donating bone marrow.

You can learn more about these methods in this informative video.

Media Coverage

Thank you with all our hearts,

Franka and Soeren Hoessermann

As parents, watching our little Ivy bravely fight Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) has been the hardest journey of our lives. Yet, in this challenging time, we’ve also witnessed incredible kindness and support from people near and far.

We’re reaching out for your help as Ivy desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. If you can, please consider becoming a donor – your small act could be Ivy’s big miracle.

Please share Ivy’s story. The more people know, the higher the chance of finding her match. To everyone already supporting us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your kindness is our strength.

Thank you for joining our fight to save Ivy.

Franka Hoessermann
Soeren Hoessermann

Frequently Asked Questions for Donors:

And Additional Information on the Donation Process:

HLH is a rare but serious disease where the immune system becomes overactive, damaging healthy tissues. It often requires a bone marrow transplant as part of the treatment.

Bone marrow donation is generally safe. While there are some risks, as with any medical procedure, they are typically minimal. Donors are carefully evaluated to ensure they are fit for the donation.

If you are identified as a match, you'll undergo a Verification Typing (VT) involving a small blood sample for high-resolution HLA typing. This ensures a perfect match. You may also have a full medical check-up to confirm your suitability.

Post-donation, donors can usually resume their normal activities within a few days. You'll be given specific instructions based on the type of donation (bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells).

Singapore General Hospital

  • Haematology Centre
    Outram Road Singapore 169608 Haematology Centre Block 7 Level 2
    Tel: +65 6321 4722


National University Hospital

  • Department Haematology – Oncology
    5 Lower Kent Ridge Road level 10 Singapore 119074
    Tel: +65 6779 5555

  • National University Children’s Medical Institute
    5 Lower Kent Ridge Road level 9 Singapore 119074
    Tel: +65 6779 5555


KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

  • Department of Paediatric Subspecialists
    100 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 229899
    Tel: +65 6225 5554


Mount Elizabeth – Orchard

  • Haematology & Stem Cell Transplant Centre
    3 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228510
    Tel: +65 6737 2666

  • Children’s Haematology & Cancer Centre
    3 Mount Elizabeth Level 4 Singapore 228510
    Tel: +65 6731 2673


Mount Elizabeth – Novena Specialist Centre

  • Parkway Cancer Centre
    38 Irrawaddy Road Level 5 #05-43, 50 to 55 Singapore 329563
    Tel: +65 6684 5522

  • Parkway Cancer Centre
    38 Irrawaddy Road Level 5 #05-43, 50 to 55 Singapore 329563
    Tel: +65 6684 5522

  • Centre for Clinical Haematology
    38 Irrawaddy Road #09-47/48/57 Singapore 329563
    Tel: +65 6256 8836


Gleneagles Hospital Annexe Block

  • Centre for Clinical Haematology
    6A Napier Road #02-39/40 Singapore 258500
    Tel: +65 6261 3898


Raffles Hospital

  • Raffles Cancer Centre
    585 North Bridge Road Level 10-00 Singapore 188770
    Tel: +65 6311 2300



The search starts with a request from the transplant center detailing the patient's HLA markers. Siblings are often checked first, followed by a search in the local and global donor databases.

If you match a patient, BMDP will contact you for further testing (Verification Typing) to confirm the match.

Once a 100% match is confirmed, BMDP coordinates everything, including the donor's medical checkup and the transport of stem cells.

 Patients undergo extensive evaluation and preparation, including tests and a possible 10-day pre-transplant stay at the center.

Remember, each step in this process is crucial for ensuring the safety and compatibility of the transplant, both for the donor and the recipient. For a detailed explanation of each step, visit BMDP's Bone Marrow Transplant Process.